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Key trends & innovation areas to

Build back stronger & better


Accelerating the Next Generation of Travel

Our mission has always been to turn the travel sector
into one of the leading industries in the area of sustainability,

within the next decade

While our ambition hasn't changed, our focus has...

No one of us could have imagined this decade to start with such a crisis,

and we therefore dedicate all our efforts to help airlines, travel agencies, hotels & destinations to recover and get out stronger & better


We help you define innovation opportunities,
create new business models and
innovate together with the best start- and scale ups
in the world


When the fast growing tourism sector was already facing big challenges,
a group of ambitious companies and experts joined forces
to create the Smart Travel Lab.

A global community of individuals and organizations that want to take a leading role
in helping the travel & hospitality industry recover and get out stronger,
better and 
more sustainable

We work together to create new growth opportunities and deliver breakthrough solutions that will benefit the industry, its guests and the environment they operate in.



The Smart Travel Lab consists of ambitious organizations and people passionate about building a better, more sustainable and innovative Travel & Hospitality industry.
We're organizing regular meet ups and events around relevant themes.


Given our current circumstances we've been asked to launch a new program related to
Travel Health & Safety, which is currently in preparation

We'll bring the best international start & scale ups in the area of Travel Health and connect them to leading travel organizations to work on actual pilot projects. 

Applications are opening soon!


The intelligence hub of the Smart Travel Lab identifies future trends and industry implications, performs ongoing research into key innovation areas, including
(eg. future of travel, sustainable tourism, talent & future of workforce, travel health, etc.) 
and serves as a collaboration platform between existing industry players and new initiatives.

Download our latest thought leadership around the future of travel here

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1076 ER Amsterdam, The Netherlands

+31 6 4841 6605

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